The Importance of Customer Satisfaction to Corporate Success

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Experience is everything.

At Carmignac, we have the strong conviction that customer-driven organizations thrive over the long-term. But to begin with, what is a customer-driven organization? It’s an organization that invests and empowers its employees to offer the best possible client experience at all touchpoints in order to maximize satisfaction.

In this paper, we will dive into what customer satisfaction means to the universe of companies we can invest in and where unique sets of data are available to us. It comes at the time of the launch of our latest fund, , which invests in companies “that go above and beyond for their customers and employees. Through this fund as well as the launch of our Voice of Customer programme during 2022, we can demonstrate the financial relevance of what has always been in our DNA: delivering a premium experience to our clients and to our employees.

You will find more information regarding Carmignac’s own approach to customer satisfaction at the end of this paper. Whilst this analysis focuses on the first stakeholder group, customers, a second paper will focus more on employees and their importance to business success, so stay tuned!

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction to Corporate Success

Experience is everything

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  • Obe Ejikeme
    Fund Manager

    Obe Ejikeme is a Fund Manager within the Global Equities team. Obe joined Carmignac in 2014 as Quantitative Equity Analyst . He started his career in 2003 at FactSet Research Systems as a Senior Consultant. Then, he worked for seven years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was Head of European Equity and Quantitative Strategy. Obe holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Hull.

  • Rebecca Sly
    ESG Analyst

    Rebecca has been an ESG Analyst at Carmignac since 2020, following completion of her MSc in Climate Change, Management and Finance from Imperial College London. Prior to this Rebecca spent 2 years on the Corporate Banking graduate scheme at Lloyds Bank. Rebecca also holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and Business Management from the University of Birmingham.

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